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March 7-11 is Open Education Week, a global event aiming to “raise awareness of free and open sharing in education and the benefits they bring” to both students and instructors.

A number of instructors across the District already use open educational resources in their courses and some Ready2Go courses have completely done away with the need for students to purchase any materials by adopting these kinds of resources.

The Ready2Go courses that use OER include English Composition I, English Composition II, Physical Education I, Introduction to Sociology, General Psychology and Introduction to Cinema. Principles of Macroeconomics and US History I will soon join in on using OER.

The Ready2Go program plan features 20 eight-week courses, which together enable students to complete their degree program in two years. Ready2Use takes Ready2Go courses and makes them available to instructors who want to tailor the available teaching resources to meet their specific needs. In early spring 2016, there were almost 200 sections offered across the District making use of Ready2Go content. To learn more, visit our Ready2Go and Ready2Use website.

For more information on the event and its projects, visit the Open Education Week 2016 website. To participate in Open Education Week, click here.

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