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Beenah Moshay

Congratulations to the Institutional Research department’s Beenah Moshay, who is the new LCET PSSA President!

Former PSSA President Jimmy Tarango stepped down from the position to free up some time.

“Jimmy was an excellent president during his tenure and I hope to continue what he has already begun,” Moshay said.

A vote was held on Thursday and Moshay’s selection was almost unanimous.

Moshay said she volunteered to serve after Evelyn Wong asked her to consider the position.

“After speaking with Jimmy Tarango, I shared with him my passion for workers’ rights (and responsibilities),” she said. “Jimmy suggested that PSSA was a great vehicle in which to express that passion. I also believe that it’s in everyone’s best interest to create and maintain a positive atmosphere at work. After all, we spend most of our time with our work ‘family’ so why not get along, work hard and have a little fun while we’re doing it?”

Moshay, who began working at LeCroy in January, will serve as interim president through Aug. 31, 2017.

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