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Next week, Dallas Colleges Online and the seven colleges of the Dallas County Community College District joins Texas Completes for Commit to Complete Week, which aims to help students complete their postsecondary education.

Texas Completes gathers seven college systems (Lone Star College, Alamo Colleges, Austin Community College, El Paso Community College, Odessa College, South Texas College and DCCCD) with the common goal being ensuring long term student success.

Why is this important? According to Texas Completes, the average college graduate makes $20,000 more each year than people without a college degree. The seven college systems participating in the program work to leverage and accelerate existing reform efforts to make sure more students earn a degree and are successful after they leave college.

At DCCCD, there’s plenty to choose from, as the seven colleges of the district offer more than 100 majors featuring one- and two-year certificates and degrees that will help build toward your career.

DCCCD also offers core credit courses guaranteed to transfer to Texas colleges and universities.

It’s also easy for students to become disinterested because of a multitude of reasons (frustration, students don’t get clear direction to their degree or career, etc). Texas Completes found Texas completion rates have dropped below the national average and Texas ranks 45th out of the 50 states in the attainment of associate degrees.

And just 22 percent of first-time full-time community college students graduate in three years. This is the problem Commit to Complete Week tries to stop.

During Commit to Complete Week, Texas Completes and the participating colleges take steps to accomplish the following:

  • Revising the curriculum to swiftly get students into programs of study, streamline time to degree and facilitate transfer to four-year institutions
  • Creating a comprehensive student advising and management system that ensures students a strong start and consistent feedback along each step of their way through college
  • Restructuring developmental education to reduce time spent in pre-collegiate coursework

This upcoming week, encourage students to sign the Commit to Complete pledge and commit to a college plan that will lead not only to postsecondary education success, but success in the field of their choice after they earn their college degree.

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