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Dallas Colleges Online Ready2Go courses are the product of collaboration between faculty members at the colleges, instructional designers and the production staff at LeCroy. These courses have been designed so the assessments, instructional content and objectives and outcomes are all closely aligned to state requirements.

The Ready2Go program plan features 20 eight-week courses, which together enable students to complete their degree program in two years. Ready2Use takes Ready2Go courses and makes them available to instructors who want to tailor the available teaching resources to meet their specific needs. In early spring 2016, there were almost 200 sections offered across the District making use of Ready2Go content.

Dr. Diane Minger, Program Coordinator for Business Management and Marketing at Cedar Valley College, was one of the first instructors to work on the development of a Ready2Go class.

“Each unit is broken down into different topics and for every topic, there are reading materials, video content, interactive games, and self-assessments. Lots of ways for students to engage with the material and really master it,” she said.

She has been teaching the Ready2Go Business Principles class for just over two years and has received positive feedback from students about the class.

“I use the Ready2Go content in all of my Business Principles classes regardless of length; five weeks, eight weeks, 16 weeks – students are doing well with the format,” Minger said.

The Business Principles course was designed for traditional textbook use, but in the future a large number of the Ready2Go courses will be textbook-free, creating savings for students and capitalizing on new developments in quality open educational resources.

“I just returned from the eLearning 2016 conference in Arizona where I attended several open educational resources sessions. I definitely think this is the way to go for many of our classes,’” Minger said.

Currently, a number of Ready2Go courses, including Introduction to Sociology, are textbook-free and are proving successful with both students and instructors.

“I think, due to the price point of traditional textbooks, I’ve found success using open education resources. So many things are digital now, so that’s the way many people are accessing content in any case,” said Dr. India Stewart, Visiting Scholar in Sociology at Eastfield College and the Sociology Content Specialist.

For more information on Ready2Go and Ready2Use courses, call the Faculty Access to Supportive Technology (FAST) Team at 972-669-6400 or visit the Dallas Colleges Online website at online.dcccd.edu.

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