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IT Staff Quoted in University Business

LeCroy Center Project Manager Jesus Moreno and Producer Michael Coleman were both quoted in a story about artificial intelligence posted on University Business’ website this month.

Both Jesus’ and Michael’s contributions to the story pertain to Dallas County Community College District colleges using technology to translate speech into text.

“We created a way for any video uploaded to be processed through the Watson engine,” says project manager Jesus Moreno, who coded the program. “It learned accents and words, and gets more accurate every time it is used.”

Michael also went over the cost-friendliness of the program.

“Watson was not only the most user friendly, but was the least expensive,” says Michael Coleman, a producer at DCCCD.

The story appears in the magazine’s February 2016 edition. http://www.universitybusiness.com/article/how-artificial-intelligence-makes-higher-ed-smarter
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