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Watch the introductory video for Stream It to find out more.

Stream It video service is the latest tool used by DCCCD for streaming video. Stream It offers many features, but the most attractive feature is how easy it is to use. Built on HTML5 and bootstrap, Stream It will work on all major browsers including the browsers on your mobile devices. From searching to uploading or just browsing videos Stream It works just as expected.

Stream It allows you to upload almost any video format with ease through the drag and drop interface. Just like other video services, you can embed the video into another website or even your course in eCampus. Maybe you don't have a video for your course, you can search Stream It to see if one of your colleagues has uploaded a video you could use. Maybe you have multiple videos you would like to embed as a playlist, Stream It also offers this as one of it's many features.

To get started with Stream It, click the link and login with your eConnect username and password (abc1234).

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