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Supporting Online Instruction

For online students, engagement with their instructors can be a key component in how well they do in a course.

Traditionally, student-instructor engagement in online courses can come by way of discussion boards or emails, but research has shown students appreciate the opportunity to connect with their instructors virtually.

That’s where LeCroy and Studio C can help.

Studio C is a small, self-contained studio for individual faculty recordings at no cost to faculty. It’s a great tool for faculty who like to incorporate video files into their courses.

M.T. Hickman, Lead Faculty of the Travel, Exposition and Meeting Management program at Richland College, began using Studio C for her Introduction to Speech Communication course this semester. M.T. was very happy with the experience.

“There’s a lot to read in my course, so I knew for it to sink in, it would be helpful to have a person explaining the concepts to them so they could go back, rewind the tape,” she said. “Because if I were a student, that’s what I would have to do.”

When faculty choose to use the instructor studio, they are provided with a primary camera, a teleprompter and a document camera to handle close-ups of books, artwork or individual documents.

Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote or additional video files can be incorporated by connecting a laptop to the system.

To make sure things run smoothly, Media Services personnel Martha Kelley and Dea Yemen are available to work with faculty during recording sessions.

To begin, all faculty need to do is contact the Learning Technology Team at LeCroy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 972-669-6420. Once that’s done, instructors can consult with one of the team’s Instructional Designers prior to writing the script.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable writing a script, you can use one provided to you by the Learning Technology Team.

After your script is complete:

  1. Reserve time in the studio through Media Services.
  2. Get in the studio and record your video
  3. Upload your video to Stream It.
  4. Insert the Stream It link into your eCampus course.

Then, you’re on your way to providing your students with the best online course experience possible!

“I’ve used the studio to introduce myself and I’ve also used it to introduce concepts that I thought would be more difficult,” M.T. said. “So that [students] could hear my voice, I could write some things on paper so they could see it and then present it back to them.”

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