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Stream It has been a success for the district since its creation in 2015 and now LeCroy Producer Michael Coleman and Project Manager Jesus Moreno are taking the next step in expanding it with Record It.

Record It Mobile Studio

Part of the idea came when Jesus hearing students’ and faculty’s frustration while piloting the student assessment in Stream It.

“One of the things that faculty was struggling with was trying to record in HD in a classroom to upload student assessments,” Michael said. “Let’s say you’ve got 10 of them that you have to do. Most people were using cell phones. Trying to upload a large size HD file was taking forever from either the Wi-Fi network or the cell phone network.”

Michael said they were looking for a solution that was mobile, affordable, scalable and simple to learn.

“The rationale behind creating it was to create a portable, easy-to-use audio/video studio for faculty use for recording lecture capture, student assessments or orientation videos for their own courses,” he said.

“It’s literally plug, push, go,” Jesus said.

They began researching it after seeing a few examples at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in 2015.

“We researched automated studios, very much like Studio C at LeCroy, but we weren’t trying to duplicate that,” Michael said. “We went to [the University of Texas at Dallas] to look at their automated studio, which was great. But it cost $35,000.”

On their way back from a presentation at El Centro last spring, they thought of making it a mobile studio.

“What if you could take it from classroom to classroom or take it in your office and set it up and do your own videos,” Michael said. “At EDUCAUSE, we saw a demonstration of what was referred to as a ‘One Button Studio’ and we liked that it could record straight to a flash drive.

“You just hit the button to record, hit the button to stop, and the video copies to the flash drive in the mp4 streaming format. While there is a backup copy of the video recorded to the computer hard drive, it’s automatically deleted when the system is shut down. This ensures that the only video file is on the flash drive.”

The Record It cart uses a high-quality Canon camcorder.

“We picked this camera since we knew it would be used in rooms with just available light,” Michael said. “The size of the imaging chip and the quality of the lens means it will work in low-light situations.

“We’re also using a professional-quality microphone instead of one that’s built into the camera. It’s a very directional shotgun microphone that will pick up voices up to five feet away.”

Michael delivered the beta model to Mountain View College at the end of March for a pilot phase to get feedback from users. He and Jesus will use this feedback to make any improvements on the next version of Record It.

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