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For 36 years, Bob Crook helped lay the foundation for all the innovative ideas the LeCroy Center continues to produce today. Bob is one of the people most responsible for LeCroy being funded and built 26 years ago.

We are deeply saddened by his passing, as he was a friend to many here at LeCroy and meant so much not only to us, but to the entire Dallas County Community College District.

Bob came from WFAA and was the first producer hired at what was then called the DCCCD Instructional Television Center at Richland College.

He set a high bar for standards of quality around the district by helping create, develop and produce the first telecourses. He, along with others from the four DCCCD colleges in 1974 and 1975, was a pioneer in DCCCD distance learning, as he was able to get video-based courses to students who could not come to campus.

He went on to produce numerous award-winning telecourses and served as the executive producer on one of the first telecourses funded by the Anneberg/CPB Project. His work was eventually seen by millions on PBS stations around the country, bringing both LeCroy and DCCCD national recognition in the process.

Bob continued trailblazing, as he pioneered the production of live faculty-led classes broadcast from LeCroy to students who received the district’s DC-Net cable signal in their homes. He also helped out STARLINK, which is still housed at LeCroy, as he was the first producer of its satellite teleconference. The teleconference was delivered live to a statewide audience from the Texas Instruments studios here in Dallas.

For more than a decade after that initial production, Bob produced almost 40 live national satellite teleconferences marketed to other colleges and universities through Dallas Teleconferences. Those teleconferences brought numerous national experts to the LeCroy Center for live shows.

Bob retired in 2010. We thank him for his tireless work to make the LeCroy Center and the entire DCCCD nationally recognized leaders in higher education, as his influence is still felt throughout the district.

Bob is survived by his wife Tory, his son Tom and his family and his daughter Elizabeth and her family.

Bob’s memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, April 8 at St. Barnabas Church in Richardson. Cards may be sent to: Tory Crook, 1313 Apache Dr., Richardson, TX 75080.

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