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Recently, some of the LeCroy Media Services team spent time with students, faculty and staff at the El Centro College Food & Hospitality Institute.

The video documentary goes over some of the culinary program students’ pursuit of their dreams in the industry.

“Here in downtown around the school, there are hotels, restaurants, the West End, the Dallas Convention Center. We’ve got Reunion. We’ve got the Main Street District. We’ve got Harwood popping up down by American Airlines Center and Victory. Lowest Greenville, Ross Avenue, Uptown, West Village,” said Steve DeShazo, Director of the Food & Hospitality Institute. “This creates a flashpoint of culinary culture and El Centro College is right in the middle of it.”

The program combines classroom work, kitchen skills and professional apprenticeships.

“You have to enjoy serving people because, in a sense, that’s what you’re doing,” said Chef Instructor Chris LaLonde “At the most basic level, you’re serving somebody something that you made.”

A job well done by Librado Lozano, who served as the producer, director and editor of the project, and project videographers Luke Baran, Craig Wright and Kris Hyttinen!

Check out more of Media Services work, including a couple of short pieces on the program, here.

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