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The LeCroy Center was recently recognized with a nomination for a Workforce Development Bellwether award for its work on the DCCCD’s Fast Track Supervisor Certificate Program.

Bellwether Award Nomination Representatives
L-R: Dr. Pam Quinn, LeCroy Center, Dr. Diane Minger, Cedar Valley College, Monica Lira Bravo, DCCCD Board member, Gemmy Allen, North Lake College, Jesus Moreno, LeCroy Center and Dr. Christa Slejko, North Lake College

At the Orlando for the 2017 Community College Futures Assembly last month, the presentation representatives were Dr. Diane Minger, Cedar Valley College; Gemmy Allen, North Lake College; Dr. Pam Quinn, LeCroy; Dr. Christa Slejko, North Lake; Monica Lira Bravo, DCCCD Board member; Darlene Millach, Cedar Valley student; and Jesus Moreno, LeCroy.

Diane and Gemmy served as the content specialists with help from the LeCroy instructional design team on the development the Supervisor Certificate program. Diane and Gemmy also both teach the courses in the program.

The Presentation

LeCroy’s 40-minute presentation went well, Gemmy said, but the competing programs had more info and data built up to present.

“I think that because it’s so new, that put us at a bit of a disadvantage,” Diane said. “But everybody did a fabulous job, the notebook was great and the presentation went well.”

We congratulate Cuyahoga Community College from Cleveland, who won in the category for the programs at its Manufacturing Technology Center of Excellence.

The Program

“We’ve had the Supervisor Certificate for over 10 years, we’ve taught these courses for over 30 years, but the way it’s being taught in this program is different.,” Gemmy said. “It’s fast track, they’re eight-week courses, no textbook, it’s media rich. All of the things that we know students like.”

The Supervisor Certificate went through the pilot last summer.

“The program and student outcomes has really surpassed what we would’ve ever hoped for. And really, the students who are the most successful are the ones whose employers encourage them,” Gemmy said. “If the employer expects you to do well, if your faculty member wants you to do well, then you will succeed.”

Next Steps

Diane said she’s talked with two new companies, including Williams-Sonoma, who are each going to send eight to nine employees into the Supervisor Certificate Program.

"The program is now working with four companies to continue sending employees through the program," Diane said.

“It’s progressing, but it’s going to take a lot of one-to-one networking,” she said. “If we’re going to try to keep these pipelines full, we need people to help promote the program. That’s the way to go. Get companies to send you 20, 25 people at a time and that’s how we’ll grow this thing.”

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