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Our staff at LeCroy is on a mission to make the most out of education technology. We want to be a resource for the faculty at DCCCD and a gathering place for teachers to discover new ideas, featured items, and tricks of the trade. We want to bring you loads of content as fast as tech comes off the line – things you can pick and choose through to tweak assignments, encourage students, and provide a little variety in a tech savvy class.
Check out our humble beginnings and come back soon to see what new tech we feature day-to-day.

The overall function of Coggle is simple: Represent ideas in a graphic form. Coggle is not the first website to act as a medium for simple graphic communication and it probably won’t be the last one we feature, but for right now this is one of our favorite tools. Maybe one of the reasons we like Coggle so much is because the rules to create a coggle are stunningly intuitive and these oddly named documents are simple enough to be explained in a quick 1 minute video.

A coggle is a document created online and is easily converted to a pdf. They are easy to build, easy for students to submit to teachers, and a great change of pace from the typical expositional essay or group workshop sessions.

As a teacher, this is a useful tool to meet so many typical learning outcomes: identify and distinguish concepts, analyze and synthesize systems of thought, construct timelines, illustrate processes, or collaborate with peers. For example, we depend on coggle in a few of our foundational courses to create a map assignment. In a survey class, students can construct their own coggle to identify the variety of research methods in the discipline, show links to contributing theorists, and trace the evolution of disciplinary thought. They can create diagrams to show the relationship between elements and they can link elements within their coggle to other webpages. Students can create a functioning and organized map of Internet resources specific to their discipline.

Moreover, students can use their work on Coggle as an invaluable and personal reference. This can be something for them to keep in their back pockets and give them a quick reference to picture the nexus of people, ideas, places, and events within a certain discipline or according to a certain system of thought. Whatever discipline you’re in students can use coggles to show you what that field of knowledge looks like to them.

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