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Our staff at LeCroy is on a mission to make the most out of education technology. We want to be a resource for the faculty at DCCCD and a gathering place for teachers to discover new ideas, featured items, and tricks of the trade. We want to bring you loads of content as fast as tech comes off the line – things you can pick and choose through to tweak assignments, encourage students, and provide a little variety in a tech savvy class.
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Outcomes is a module in Blackboard (eCampus) used to collect and assess student work for state and SACS reporting by the colleges. Instructors add an alignment from an eCampus assignment to one or more Student Learning Outcomes and the Blackboard system will collect student work automatically. A committee can be assigned to assess the student work using a rubric already entered into the Outcomes module. Reports are generated from the assessment committees that can be used for state, SACS, and other external and internal reporting on student learning outcomes and program effectiveness.

This printable tutorial is provided for your convenience. Add Alignment (PDF 823 KB)

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