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Our staff at LeCroy is working hard to bring you stories and announcements that matter to members of the DCCCD. Check in with us from day-to-day and learn more about new tech, important legislation, special projects, community partnerships or remarkable achievements and look for features from special contributors about what’s happening in classrooms across the district.

As DCCCD’s 50th year begins to wind down, take some time to relive highlights from the 50th Anniversary Celebration in THE SCENE 102. Messages of congratulations from Dallas celebrities and notables, clips from the celebration festivities (you may be in it!), DCCCD presidents, a memory from Dr. Bill J. Priest and a look at how

At the 2nd annual DCCCD Designing for Different Abilities Conference last week, Brookhaven College School of Arts professor Kathryn Fink Martinez spoke of the long process she’s gone through in trying to redesign her online course.

LeCroy’s David Wood hosted the event last Friday at North Lake College. The conference included a presentation from Director of STARLINK Network Rick Walker and breakout sessions with presenters.

Baking has been one of Debbie Zuke’s hobbies for a while. This year, the Administrative Assistant decided to combine her hobby and her job.

Debbie started running cookie drawings for her co-workers with themes attached to each drawing. She did one for the Super Bowl in February and did one this month commemorating the start of the Major League Baseball season.

Last year, Project Manager Jesus Moreno programmed and developed the Stream It video service. Recently, he’s built in IBM Watson closed captioning services, which has proven to be successful.

“[Stream It] is responsive, so if I access it on my desktop or on my mobile device, I don’t have to have multiple formats,” Moreno said. “It’s just one and done. Everything flows.”

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