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Our staff at LeCroy is working hard to bring you stories and announcements that matter to members of the DCCCD. Check in with us from day-to-day and learn more about new tech, important legislation, special projects, community partnerships or remarkable achievements and look for features from special contributors about what’s happening in classrooms across the district.

Beenah Moshay

Congratulations to the Institutional Research department’s Beenah Moshay, who is the new LCET PSSA President!

Former PSSA President Jimmy Tarango stepped down from the position to free up some time.

The first episode of THE SCENE for the 2016-2017 school year is here! The episode, brought to you by Luke Baran and the Media Services department, features five stories highlighting DCCCD programs, including El Centro fashion show highlights and Cedar Valley Instructional Designer Tim Xeriland racing across the Sahara Desert.

Texas Completes

Next week, Dallas Colleges Online and the seven colleges of the Dallas County Community College District joins Texas Completes for Commit to Complete Week, which aims to help students complete their postsecondary education.

Exemplar Award Nominations Logo

The time has come for LeCroy employees to nominate one of your colleagues for this quarter’s Exemplar Award.

As a reminder, all LeCroy employees are eligible for the award. If you choose, you can resubmit previous nomination forms.

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