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Concluded Events in the DCCCD

Understanding & Communicating with the Overly Informed Millennial Generation

Rick Walker will host a session that qualifies as professional development credit in Cultural Awareness Training. This session delves into cultural differences and challenges between generations and how to better understand and communicate with millennials.

Come join!

Registration information:

Course Name: TLC: Millennial Generation
(Understanding & Communicating with the Overly Informed Millennial Generation)

2016FA XPDL 1000 94522
Wednesday, November 30th (2:30-3:30)
LeCroy Center – R012 (West)

Registration instructions:

  • Log on to eConnect as an employee
  • Choose “Register for Staff Enrichment” on the Employee menu
  • Select from the drop down menus:
    • Term – Fall 2016
    • Location – 900-LeCroyTelecollege
    • Course: XPDL – Misc. Professional Development
  • Type:
    • Course #: “1000”
    • Section: “94522”
  • Check the box next to the course of your choice, and click "Submit"

You will receive a "Registration Confirmation" page that confirms your course registration.

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