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Upcoming Events in the DCCCD

The LeCroy Center is filled with talented people who are responsible for putting on some of the informative events throughout DCCCD each year. We want to keep you updated on all pertinent details, so check back here frequently to see what events we have coming up and how you can register for each. Keep an eye on our home page for new events, as well!

Compression Planning Institute Sessions at LeCroy

Compression Planning® is coming back to Dallas twice in 2017 for its three-day Compression Planning® Institute here at LeCroy!

The first training session will be held March 8-10, while the second will be back at LeCroy from Sept. 20-22. The sessions, conducted by McNellis Compression Planning® Co-Founder and President Pat McNellis, includes going over the 7-step visual planning process.

The registration fee is $1,995, although DCCCD employees can use coupon code "dcccd195" for a discounted price. For more information on the Institute, click here or email Launa Post at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.."

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